Rail transport

We provide also rail transportation. Rail transport is an alternative to sea and air transport from China in complete container trains. All-container transport or LCL shipments. At the same time we provide transportation of heavy and dimensional pieces such as parts of machines and equipments in regime door to door, port to door including heavy manipulation, shipment packaging, etc. With MIT cargo you can easily use rail infrastructure from China to the Czech Republic.

We propose to you the below services:

  • We manage transportation in regime "door to door" in 20-24 day
  • The rail transport from China is up to as twice faster as sea transport
  • You can safe more than a half of cost in comparison to air transportation
  • We provide the trasport in relation Westbound (from China to Europe) as well as Eastbound (from Europe to China)
  • Flexible transport planning
  • High level of security of goods against damage or theft – few manipulations
  • Rail transport is more environmental friendly
  • Departures from China 3 times per week